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Our Background

Here at Kick Ass Katering, great food is what we do. Kick Ass Katering has created healthful, customized catered experiences that honor fresh and flavorful cuisines. Established in 2021 with Britta Healey, Owner, and Kevin Marshall, Owner, at the helm, Kick A** Katering is a proud pastry distributor to local Coffee Shops. 

Kick Ass Katering

How We've Evolved

Britta Healey, who has been in the food industry for nearly two decades, brings her vast experience and knowledge from her culinary degree from the world renowned and critically acclaimed Le Cordon Bleu cooking school, to her years working her way up through hotels, high end restaurants, and local casinos, to eventually owning her own pastry business for the past 5 years. Britta’s passion for food, food management, and the customer experience shines through as she is always researching the best way to bring robust and unique flavors to her table. She has experience feeding crowds and feeding intimate parties, She has taught baking classes and trained peers and employees throughout her years in the kitchen. Britta’s passion for food is what drives her continued success, and what gives your Kick Ass experience the attention it deserves!

In 2020, best friends Chef Britta and Kevin created the Kick A** brand over a glass of red wine! The initial Dream was to create a catering business to rival our local companies. Kick A** Katering continued down that path for about a year, gathering community support and even taking home Ahwatukee's 2021 Best New Business award. As time continued, Kick A** began to understand there was a greater need for competitive pastries and custom desserts than there was for Catering. In August of 2022, Kick A** announced the end of their Personal Chef option and their more focused product of custom desserts and pastries. 

Kick A** Is committed to quality food and quality ethic, so as life moves forward, the brand will also continue to evolve. 

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